Green Crane Innovation

Using the art and science of design to aid the transition from destructive systems and mindsets to circular economies that are sustainable and equitable.


We partner to address business and social challenges in creative ways. We are strategists, designers, educators, visual facilitators, storytellers, scientists, artists, trauma therapists, and more. We specialize in sustainability, change management, and user-centered design thinking.

We collaborate with organizations of all sizes and shapes. We aim to disrupt the status quo and don’t shy away from complexity. We work on communication graphics, products, services, campaigns, social research, educational programs, and odd combinations of projects large and small.

We are literate in climate realities and designing visual system languages for diverse, compelling, and rich stories around climate change + impact.



How do we design the next generation of cars by learning from nature?

Fiat Chrysler Automotive brought us in for a year-long process of helping them integrate bio-inspired design and biomimicry into their innovation practices. We created a tail-gate party to help them learn how a pinecone could inform the design of an air filter, how a deer antler could give them the best strength through form geometry, and how windshields could be self cleaning like a lotus leaf.

After working with two other groups unsuccessfully, we turned the human-centered design process toward them, setting up site visits on campus, interviewing stakeholders from various sectors and levels, and immersing ourselves in their world. We ended up designing custom tools, workshops, and learning activities specifically targeting a shift in their relationship to nature, and getting them outside more on Chrysler’s campus. This work resulted in bringing team members together who typically never communicated, increasing work health and wellness by getting outside, and them developing radical new ideas — and even new patents.


How we scale Design Thinking across our tech product dev teams?

Home Depot’s Quote Center is an arm of HD focused on creating accessible tech tools to support the needs of professional contractors. After designing a successful dynamic pricing tool, they wanted to scale design thinking across their growing tech team. We collaborated to run a 3-day immersion off-site to bring leadership and designers together and get on the same page. This work helped them practice methods of design thinking, business model canvas mapping, and set them up for success in the next phase of their process: understanding the life of the Pro customer.


How can we design relevant educational programs?

In collaboration with Portland State University’s School of Business, we have provided design and innovation services over the years. We thrive in supporting clients where we are needed across the whole design process - from designing logos and brand stories, to facilitating conversations in a room, to final production of print and digital media. Our work resulted in logo/brand designs for Impact Entrepreneurs and their yearly Elevating Impact Summit conference, the integration of Design Thinking in their social innovation certification programs, and more.

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