Hi! I'm Stef. I want to help amplify your message, clarify your ideas, vision, and programs to design a more sustainable future together. 

Alongside key partners I offer sustainability-focused design and visual thinking to solve business challenges. I do graphic facilitation, graphic recording, design thinking jams/charrettes, and other unique event and learning experiences.

Basically, I use critical listening, real-time synthesis and rapid sketching to illustrate the big picture and context. The benefits of doing this: groups can see your problem more clearly, have a unique way of sharing a lot of information in one sheet (people will actually want to read it), and memory retention goes up because pictures and words in combination are easier to remember for most people. 


To request services for your event, retreat, presentation, or whatever - contact me! I'd love to hear from you.

Visual resume by Stefanie Koehler © 2016